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Can I lose more than my account balance when trading CFDs?

As you are trading leveraged CFD products, you will be able to open positions that are larger than your account balance. This means that a smaller move in your favour will result in a larger profit and a smaller move against you will result in a large loss. If the price of the CFD you are trading gaps or moves against you quickly, it is possible that you could lose more than your account balance.

Although we will attempt to close your position when the margin level falls to 50% of the required margin (stop out level), we cannot guarantee that your account will not enter into a negative balance. You will be in margin call when the margin level drops to 100% of the required margin; at this point, you will see the position change colour in your trading platform. This is an indication to take appropriate measures by either reducing the exposure or adding additional funds to the CFD trading account. If the margin level drops a further 50%, the platform will automatically start closing out positions.

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