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Course 8

Undergraduate - Sophomore

  • Lesson 18: The Forex Trader’s Guide to Major Economies
    Lesson 18: The Forex Trader’s Guide to Major Economies

    Today we’re going to take a trip around the world, but it ain’t gonna take 80 days. If you’re fast enough to keep up, we can probably get around in just 80 seconds!

  • Lesson 19: United States of America
    Lesson 19: United States of America

    The United States of America is comprised of 50 states and a federal district.

  • Lesson 20: Eurozone
    Lesson 20: Eurozone

    The European Union (EU) is a brotherhood of 27-member states which started from a tiny gang of six neighboring states in 1951.

  • Lesson 21: United Kingdom
    Lesson 21: United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom is a land of many accents as it is actually composed of four countries – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

  • Lesson 22: Japan
    Lesson 22: Japan

    Konichiwa! Located in East Asia, Japan is an archipelago of 6,852 islands, although a majority of its landmass is accounted for by the 4 largest islands.

  • Lesson 23: Canada
    Lesson 23: Canada

    Oh Canada… Uncle Sam’s friendly, environment-loving, French-influenced, semi-frozen buddy up north.

  • Lesson 24: Australia
    Lesson 24: Australia

    Officially known as the Commonwealth of Australia, Australia could be found somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, just southeast of Asia.

  • Lesson 25: New Zealand
    Lesson 25: New Zealand

    If you’ve seen the Lord of the Rings, then you probably know that Middle Earth is located somewhere along the hills of New Zealand.

  • Lesson 26: Switzerland
    Lesson 26: Switzerland

    Switzerland was founded in 1291 and is located in the middle of western Europe and shares much of its history and culture with Germany, Austria, Italy, and France.

  • Lesson 27: China
    Lesson 27: China

    Welcome to the grown-ups’ table, China!

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